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Book a cut & colour at discounted prices...by booking on the day ...please phone us ASAP for details! 
All the members of our team are carefully hand-picked. They understand our philosophies and just how important your custom is to us. All levels, from assistants up to managers, receive training and appraisals in all aspects of our trade. We will spend time with you, helping you to make the right decision about your hair - we will give you advice, inspiration and we may even, in some cases, have to advise you against having a particular service. 
Please understand that, if this is the case, it is because we cherish your custom and hope to develop a long-term relationship with you. Short-term gains are never our intention. If we do disappoint you in any way, please tell us. 
We are, after all, only human and acknowledge that, very occasionally, we may let you down. If so, we guarantee that we will always do our utmost to rectify the situation. 
Please help us to help you. Make the most of your investment with us by taking the advice of your hair designer. He or she will recommend the correct home hair care programme for you. This is the next best thing to taking your designer home with you! Seriously though, you wouldn't throw your most expensive, best-loved items of clothing into the hot wash, or not bother to put oil in the engine of your car, would you? So get the best out of your hair and use the programme we recommend! 
Also, to ensure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible, we can provide you with your very own personal Scruples hair designer in your own home. Why have the stress of getting to and from our salon on your big day? Relax, have your champagne breakfast and bath, all at your leisure. We will arrive when you request us to and ensure that you look great for your important day. We can even provide a make-up artist if you wish. As the song says, "Don't worry...be happy"! 
Our Services Include: 
Hair Cutting 
Men's Cutting 
Salon Consultant 
Includes consultation, head massage, shampoo, conditioning and styling Treatments 
Redken Professional Treatments 
Shiatsu Massage with Treatments 
Hair Colouring (exclusive of Cut & Finish) 
Tinting (complete change) 
Highlighting or lowlighting, Cap 
Foils - Long hair 
Foils - Short hair 
Half Head/T-Bar 
Partial Colour 
Glossing, Semi Permanent 
Permanent Waves 
Long Hair & Sprial Perms 
Volume Wave - Top 
Volume Wave - Full Head 
Style Support 
All of Scruples' permanent waves and permanent colouring techniques include Redken Deep Conditioning Treatments when required to give your hair the best possible condition. 
Bridal Hair / Hair Up 
Price of Cutting & Finish 
Children Under 15, Senior Citizens & Students 
Covering Gosport, Fareham & Portsmouth (Hampshire). 
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